How to Contribute

Learn how you can contribute to ICARS.

In order to achieve the ambitious vision of ICARS and generate real change in LMICs, it is essential that other countries and foundations join ICARS and contribute to its development. For this reason, we are inviting countries and foundations to join as Founding Members or partners within 2020-2022. 

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Why should my country/organisation prioritise to invest in ICARS?

AMR is a global problem that requires a global response. As pathogens travel across sectors and borders poor mitigation in one country can cause untreatable diseases in another in a similar way that the COVID-19 virus did. That is why a global effort is needed to enable responsible practices to prevent the development and escalation of AMR. In ICARS, we are committed to providing the right expertise to LMICs for improving their policies and practices, while working with global partners to share evidence and ensure global coordination to mitigate AMR.

By investing in ICARS you not only invest in AMR-mitigation at national level in the countries that need it the most; you also invest in global public health.

Become a Founding Member

What is a Founding Member?

A Founding Member is a country or a foundation that has provided a substantial multi-year financial contribution to ICARS during its inception phase, and that is ready to engage actively in the development of ICARS strategy, delivery of ICARS mission and ICARS transformation into an international organization. 

Contact us to find out more about the conditions and benefits of becoming a Founding Member.

Become a partner

To enable an ambitious expansion of our project portfolio, for 2021-2023, all contributions are welcome and we invite countries, organisations and foundations to support ICARS in a manner that fits with their mandate. Contributions can follow different models of support, such as: 

  • Contributions to ICARS core budget (unrestricted funding)  
  • Funding specific to ICARS activities in LMICs
  • Joint funding of third partner’s activities/projects, for example in a global programme where member states support their own national researchers and ICARS support LMICs.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Team for further information.