How to Benefit

Learn how your country can benefit from a partnership with ICARS.

Demonstration Projects

ICARS will start small and build over time. To demonstrate and test how ICARS will operate and its added value to the global fight against antimicrobial resistance, we will develop and initiate 3-5 small-scale demonstration projects in 2020. The first demonstration projects are currently being developed, one of them in partnership with the CGIAR Antimicrobial Resistance Hub. Projects will be continuously monitored, adapted, and evaluated while ICARS builds towards a larger and more long-term programme of work.

We seek low- and middle-income countries committed to mitigating antimicrobial resistance and willing to show leadership by developing a demonstration project with ICARS. 

Developing a demonstration project with ICARS, your country will receive support in identifying and implementing a solution to a specific antimicrobial resistance challenge that your country seeks to solve. Doing so, your country will contribute to the development of the ICARS concept and to ensure that ICARS responds to the needs of low- and middle-income countries.

Eligibility Criteria

Countries requesting support from ICARS will be equal partners and collaborators on ICARS projects. To enable active participation now and in the future, when appropriate, financial support will be provided to support capacity and capabilities in countries. 

Eligible countries to receive support are those on the DAC (OECD Development Assistance Committee) list of ODA recipients.

We ask countries to provide a request for support (from the Government to ICARS) to partner in defining the agenda and the capacity development needed to accompany a development intervention or particular solution.

When considering activities and engagement, ICARS will take into account:

  • Political, policy and technical engagement at all levels including willingness to uptake and sustain identified value adding solutions
  • Evidence from the government that they wish to address antimicrobial resistance through a One Health approach
  • Existing human resources and research infrastructure to co-execute the research projects 
  • Alignment with other global and national initiatives.

DAC List of ODA Recipients (image based on 2018 data)

DAC List of ODA Recipients_2018 data 

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