Organisation and Governance

ICARS is currently anchored in the Danish government and embedded in the Ministry of Health, but is expected to transform into an independent organisation during 2021

It is our strategic ambition to establish ICARS as an international organisation. In order to reach this goal, ICARS governance is expected to evolve over the next 2-4 years: from currently being embedded in the Danish Ministry of Health, to a transition-phase as an independent institution with an international board of trustees (from 2021), and finally into an international organisation governed by international law (3-4 years from now). 

In the fall of 2020, a Technical Advisory Forum (TAF) was established to provide scientific and expert advice to ICARS. The TAF will review project proposals from potential partner LMICs and advice on the delivery of ICARS Implementation Research activities. The Interagency Steering Committee will approve funding of the project proposals on the basis of recommendations from the ICARS Secretariat and after technical review of the project proposals by the TAF. 

Current governance

Governance structure from 2021 

From 2021, ICARS is expected to become an independent institution with its own legal identity in accordance with Danish law governed by an international Board of Trustees setting the strategic direction, as well as approving the budget and the specific goals for ICARS, including the policies and principles to be followed by the Secretariat. 

Stepwise transition

It is envisioned that The Board of Trustees will establish additional advisory fora in due course, such as an Advisory Donor Forum and a Stakeholder Forum. Furthermore, the Board of Trustees may choose to associate a number of individual advisors to ICARS who will in their personal capacity advise on the strategic and scientific development of ICARS.

As of the fall 2020, the ICARS Secretariat consists of an international team of dedicated and competent employees, including a Scientific Director and a Director of Operations, working either at ICARS headquarters in Copenhagen or remotely across the globe as independent consultants. ICARS will continue to grow within the next couple of years as the project portfolio expands and as ICARS becomes increasingly present in the glob-al AMR landscape.

Until the end of 2022, ICARS aims to attract new Founding Members, establish a well-functioning secretariat and establish implementation partnerships that support our activities. 
Are you a government official of a country/representative of a foundation wishing to become a Founding Member? Read more about how to support ICARS here.