Organisation and Governance

It is our strategic ambition to establish ICARS as an international organisation by law.

ICARS is currently anchored in the Danish government, but will transform into an independent organisation with clear governance and structure during 2020.

We are developing the draft organisational structure and the governance model for ICARS using the following keywords:

  • International
  • Independent
  • Partnerships
  • Innovative
  • Not-for-profit
  • Transparent
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Accountable

We envisage the governance model for ICARS to be structured around a Board of Trustees, an Executive Management and relevant advisory forums, including a Strategic Advisory Forum and a Scientific Advisory Forum. In addition, a Donor Forum is envisaged to ensure donor engagement. 

A Strategic Advisory Forum will advise the Management Team on ICARS strategic and policy plans to ensure that ICARS activities are coherent with the activities of key stakeholders working to mitigate antimicrobial resistance.

A Scientific Advisory Forum will advise the Management Team on ICARS research strategy and work plan as well as review project proposals and deliverables.

To guide ICARS in the process of becoming an independent international organisation, in early 2020 we will compose an Initial Strategic Advisory Forum (stakeholders including the UN bodies, funders, policymakers and NGOs) and an Initial Scientific Advisory Board (to give cross-disciplinary technical advice).