Where ICARS Fits in Existing Global and National Efforts

Interaction with relevant organisations and stakeholders to ensure complementarity and identify opportunities for collaboration is essential for the success of ICARS.

ICARS will work in synergy with other initiatives and programmes, and will identify opportunities to add value and expand the scale and scope of the response.

ICARS will work with and across the public, private and philanthropic sectors acting as a:

Solution Developer

ICARS is a solution development partnership that, through applied research projects and activities on the ground, addresses gaps in generating and implementing evidence based solutions.

ICARS will work through partnerships and collaborate with governments, taking into account new and existing antimicrobial resistance initiatives as well as projects at global, regional, national and local levels. Projects at local or national level will be guided by the priorities of the individual low- and middle-income countries.

ICARS will not focus on the development of new antimicrobials or vaccines.

Technical Expertise

ICARS will build up an international network of technical and interdisciplinary expertise and partnerships that will be available and could support and advice national, local and international bodies, including the private sector, working to mitigate antimicrobial resistance.


ICARS will work closely with policy makers to ensure projects are policy relevant, based on country priorities, translate existing policies into practice, and inform future policy decisions. ICARS will support global policy makers’ efforts to tackle antimicrobial resistance.


ICARS will feed into the existing international coordinating mechanisms (policy and research) that have been established and participate in discussions for the generation of new or expansion of existing initiatives to meet the global needs. 

ICARS is not a coordinator of the wider international policy and research efforts. ICARS will co-ordinate its own portfolio and activities in low-and middle-income countries, and will ensure that projects and activities funded by ICARS feed into the existing international coordinating mechanisms.

Donor and Funder

ICARS is not a research funder and will not launch funding schemes. ICARS is a solution development partnership that relies on contributions from donors to implement its strategy. In response to requests and needs form low- and middle-income countries, ICARS will commission or execute projects and activities to address those needs.

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