How ICARS Will Work

ICARS will deliver international and national projects in low- and middle-income countries using five strategic themes.

ICARS will operate as an international knowledge and applied research solution development partnership, coordinated through, and anchored by, hubs in Denmark and the International Livestock Research Institute based in Kenya. As ICARS expands over time, we expect to establish hubs in various locations around the world.

The five strategic themes:

  • Deliver evidence for solutions: working closely with policy makers within countries to deliver impactful policy-relevant evidence that will support the implementation of national action plans and provide antimicrobial resistance solutions;
  • Build capacity and capability: collaborating with and increasing existing capacity in low and middle income countries and support local antimicrobial resistance champions and the next generation of antimicrobial resistance leaders.
  • Bridge the gap: bridging the gap between science and policy at global, national and local levels by translating national actions plans into cost effective actions;
  • Share knowledge: collecting and sharing knowledge on evidence based antimicrobial resistance solutions. ICARS will work with national and international stakeholders to make evidence accessible in open repositories;
  • Advocate for awareness: communicating knowledge and evidence driving action and advocating for implementation of solutions;
  • Learn and adapt: developing into a learning organisation that continuously monitors, evaluates and adapt to meet dynamic needs.