A Holistic Approach

ICARS will take a holistic approach to transform evidence to practice.

Antimicrobial resistance is a complex issue. The spread of infection between animals, humans and in the environment means that we must move away from isolated interventions in a single sector. 

All ICARS activities will be solution focused and involve a range of disciplines and sectors. ICARS will take a holistic One Health approach focusing on humans, animals (terrestrial and aquatic), plants, food, and the environment. In addition, as usage of antibiotics and thereby antimicrobial resistance to a large extent is a societal challenge, ICARS will give significant focus to the social and behavioral sciences and economic sciences. 

The specific solutions required will dictate what research approach and research type is most appropriate, but all research projects will include economic evaluations to inform of the cost-benefit of the identified solutions.

Specific and Sensitive Solutions

ICARS will focus on solutions that are specific to antimicrobial resistance as well as assisting in studies to place the “antimicrobial resistance lens” on projects that are sensitive to antimicrobial resistance. For example, clean water and sanitation or food production systems.