An Implementation Research partnership

Imagine a world in which AMR no longer poses a threat to the health of humans and animals, the environment, global food security and economic prosperity. This is our vision at the International Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Solutions - ICARS. We aim to become a leading international One Health Intervention and Implementation Research partnership, supporting low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) in their efforts to prevent and mitigate AMR. 

Through our activities, we enter into partnerships with LMICs to advance the implementation of their National Action Plans (NAPs). These partnerships involve projects through which we co-develop and test new solutions for AMR mitigation, translate existing evidence into action, all while supporting capacity and capability building in LMICs. Our work also extends to advocacy for the importance of Implementation Research as a means to deliver on the NAPs. 

At ICARS, we work with implementation partners building on existing national and international initiatives to expand the scale and scope of the AMR response, and boost investment and collaboration across sectors. 

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